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This is the "Martin The Giant Tortoise Memorial" movie.

Royal Oak, MI – The results are back from an autopsy of “Martin the Giant Tortoise."  Movie, TV and live attraction star Martin, was found dead on February 17, 2011 inside exotic pet store, Tropical Fish Pond, by store owner Pat Malone.  Martin, the store’s mascot, was merely twenty years old, very young for a tortoise that can live to be over 200.  “We’re all just devastated, employees and customers alike, by Martin’s passing,” said Malone.

There’s a Martin Shrine in the store with his picture and condolence cards from fans.  People are asked to bring pictures of themselves or their kids with Martin for the Memorial display.  Tropical Fish Pond is located at 32308 Woodward Avenue, three blocks south of 14 Mile Road in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Pat Malone stated “I clearly expected Martin to outlive me since tortoises live so long, I thought it was highly unusual for him to die when he did.  So I sent his body to a Veterinarian for an autopsy.  The results confirmed that a sharp object, most likely a piece of metal, had lacerated his bowel.  Whatever cut him had already passed and no one is exactly sure what did it.  It’s highly suspicious since Martin would only eat fresh fruit and vegetables.  No one wants to think some sick individual did this, but rather a small child may have fed him something wrong by accident.”

Martin has roamed freely around the store since 1994.  He weighed over 130 lbs at his passing.  “Martin was friendly, gentle and sweet.  A real attraction,” said Malone, “Parents brought kids to see him and then those kids brought their kids.  Martin is known by generations.”   

Tropical Fish Pond is like an exotic zoo and aquarium with no admission charge.  But, what’s really neat is that you can actually purchase any of the snakes, lizards, turtles, furry critters or fish on display and take them home with you.

Tropical Fish Pond served as a major location in the romantic comedy adventure film P.I. BLUES featuring the store’s mascot, Martin the Giant Tortoise.  The movie’s director Jim Dudek also had Martin and Pat Malone as regular guests on his Monday thru Friday Detroit broadcast TV program “The Star Movie Show” during its run in the 1990’s.  “Whenever I visited the store, I felt Martin knew me.  He made everyone feel that way.  Like you were his long lost friend,” said Dudek.  Martin also starred in a featurette included on the “P.I. BLUES” DVD.

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