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#1 Top Selling Independently Distributed Comedy at Amazon.com 7/31/05

#1 Top Selling Independently Distributed Documentary at Amazon.com 7/31/05


List Price $9.95 plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling


"Open Mic" Trailer

Winner "Best Documentary" Michigan Independent Film Festival

Winner "Best Documentary" New Orleans Comedy Festival

"Special Invitation" Chicago Comedy Festival

"Official Selection" Just For Laughs Comedy Festival Montreal

"Official Selection" Fort Myers Beach Film Festival

Director: Jason Dudek

Studio: Miami Entertainment Corp.

Starring: Jim Breuer, Dave Chappelle, Bobby Collins, Charles Fleischer, Dom Irrera, Bobcat Goldthwait, Victoria Jackson, Richard Jeni, Jackie Martling, Brian Regan, Tony Rock, Jeffrey Ross, Shawn Wayans, Jamie Masada.  Introducing: Dan Aubrey, Butch Bradley


Who wants to be a star? Who has what it takes? How do they think up all that funny stuff?!? For every comedian that you see knockin' 'em dead on Jay Leno or the Letterman Show, there are thousands more who battle each week...not for the national spotlight but for survival, five minutes at a time, on the stage of comedy clubs, roadway dinners or hole-in-the-wall bars across America. These are the next generation of star comedians, and their stories are central to understanding what it takes to make it big. "Open Mic" is a revealing look behind the veil of Hollywood's glamour into the competitive and crazy world of stand-up comedy. Featuring comedy performances and interviews from some of today's hottest comedians, this is the definitive documentary film on stand-up comedy that proves: dying is easy...comedy is hard!


Color/Documentary/Comedy/USA/54 Min./Not Rated

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List Price $9.95 plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling

Winner - "First Prize Feature" - Directors View Film Festival 2004

Winner - "Best Drama Feature" - Atlanta Underground Film Festival (AUFF) 2004

Winner - "Grand Festival Award Feature" - Berkeley Video & Film Festival 2004

Nothing Really Happens (Memories of Aging Strippers) tells an unflinching, intertwining story of three very different women — Tillie Hirsch, an elderly Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize-winning author; Paula Brownell, a repressed college professor fascinated by striptease; and Carmela Petrelli, a Bronx-born stripper for whom “tits changed everything”.  In the crazy world of New York City, something really happens: the three women fall in love with each other.

Robert Kesten, president and founder of the Director’s View Film Festival said of the performances by the three lead actresses, "Individually, they are amazing -- but collectively, they just stupefy the viewer."

The film stars, as Tillie Hirsh, acclaimed 78 year-old actress Judith Malina (Dog Day Afternoon, Enemies: A Love Story, Household Saints and The Addams Family).  Marlina was recently inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame and may be the longest surviving (and working) radical theatre artist in the world.  She founded the Living Theatre with Julian Beck in 1947.

Nothing Really Happens was written and directed by Fred Newman and is based on two of his critically praised plays.  Newman is the artistic director of the Castillo Theatre on 42nd Street.  The film features an ensemble cast drawn largely from the leading New York City avant-garde Castillo Theatre troupe.

 The independent feature film, Nothing Really Happens (Memories of Aging Strippers), won the "Grand Festival Award Feature" at the Berkeley Video & Film Festival (Oct. 2004).  It was selected “Best Drama Feature" by the Atlanta Underground Film Festival (AUFF) in August 2004 an it was awarded "First Prize" in the Feature category at the Director’s View Film Festival in Connecticut (Feb. 2004).  Nothing Really Happens was an official selection at 10th Annual Festival of Auteur Films: View Into the World in Belgrade (Nov. 2003).  The film was also an official selection of the Warsaw International Jewish Film Festival in Poland (April 17-27) and the Black Cinema International Film Festival in Berlin (May 6-9)


Color/Feature/Drama/USA/93 min./Not Rated





List Price $9.95 plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling



"P.I. Blues" Trailer

"Official Selection" Fort Myers Beach Film Festival

"Official Selection" Michigan Independent Film Festival


Starring: John DeMerell, Dolores Reyes.  Featuring: Jeff Wilson, Peter M. Brown, Alex Safi, Alan Madlane.  With: Roger Blum, John Smyntek, Ruth Daniels, Patrick Malone, Grant Wolach.


“P.I. BLUES has the right attitude…A likable goofy take on Hollywood detective movies of the past,” John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press

“Fantastic family fun”, (Scott Madaus, Fox TV), abounds in this comedy adventure as an exotic pet store manager masquerades as a private investigator to help the beautiful “Miss Power Tool” find her missing brother.  “A lot of fun…” ensues as the bumbling imposter and his oddball friends try to outwit rogue Russian spies, “…pretty clever”, (Detroit Free Press).

“Hysterical…Like an old gumshoe flick but with modern day humor…Festival audiences loved it”, Janeen Paulauskis, Executive Director, Ft. Myers Beach Film Festival

Color/Feature/Comedy/USA/101min./Not Rated – nothing objectionable

Visit the P.I. Blues Offiicial Web Site

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