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Non-fiction Book, 160 pages, includes period pictures, documents and authentic captured photos

(First Sentence) "Just like the final curtain coming down on a long and successful running play on Broadway, so to a successful and glorious era of my life came to an end during the last days of the summer of 1942." 

"Definitely fascinating...I thoroughly enjoyed it...A great job!", Dick Purtan, WOMC FM Detroit Morning Host, Radio Hall Of Fame Personality and WWII buff

"A really good book with excellent descriptions of air training, bombing missions and life of a POW.  Includes easy to understand diagrams and charts plus rare authentic captured photos." John Martin, "Who's Who" TV Show Host OPTV15, Executive Director City of Oak Park, MI Library

"One Slow High Flying Target Survivor" is an autobiography by WWII B-17 Bombardier and POW A. J. Dobek.  The now 90 year-old Dobek was 20 and living in Dunkirk, NY when he received his induction into military service in 1942.  The book recounts his training days as a U.S. Army Air Cadet, his 14 missions and being shot down over Berlin on March 6, 1944.  Dobek bailed out of the stricken plane at 24,000 feet and did a free fall for 17,000 feet before opening his parachute.  When he finally touched the ground he was immediately captured by the Germans and held captive for 15 months in a POW camp on the North Sea until his liberation by the Russian Army in 1945.  Dobek and a few fellow prisoners, tired of waiting for the allies to show up, walked back to their lines with a little help from the Russians and people they met along the way.


From Left: Author A.J. Dobek 1942, Artist depiction of air raid over Berlin, View from guard tower at POW camp


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